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As the applied science of human beings, medicine carries with it an extraordinary responsibility - not only for today's society, but more importantly for future generations. No other time in history illustrates the absolute necessity for shared accountability than the National Socialist period ─ when right here in Berlin and at the Charité ─ the medical community turned its back on colleagues and patients in the name of an inhuman ideology.

The aim of the 'GeDenkOrt.Charité' initiative is to create places of historical contemplation on our historic Charité Campus in Berlin-Mitte. As such we hope to set a precedent that affirms the principles of a humane and responsible attitude to science. More...

The following internet site exists since the 1st of Dec. 2013 and remains incomplete. Contents will be continuously added with corresponding English translations. We are grateful for any relevant suggestions and ideas relating to this website which can be sent to us via email.

Chair in Medical Humanities

Charité's new Chair in Medical Humanities has been established in order to highlight the issue of 'social responsibility in science' and promote awareness of the fundamentals of responsible conduct in clinical practice, teaching and research.  At the beginning of October 2015, Heinz-Peter Schmiedebach was appointed as Germany's first ever Professor of Medical Humanities. A visiting professorship, which is limited to two years and supported by the Friede Springer Foundation, the position has a wide and varied remit. Read more...

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Here we present our projects, related issues, press releases and event recommendations. We will also inform you about any new plans and projects and we hope that this will encourage your active participation.
Here you will find the names and histories of personalities associated with the Charité and/or the Faculty of Medicine of the Berlin Universities who during the National Socialist period suffered persecution, expulsion or even murder.
Places where real historical events unfolded and places of remembrance at the Charité | Insights into the past
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